was founded in 2004 to create affordable high-end architectural design through prefab construction. To date, Hive has completed over 25 project across the US and Canada.
Hive homes are designed to be constructed by modular construction techniques, which provide a high level of quality control, minimize exposure of building materials to the elements, and shortens construction time.

Hive has taken the time to learn the modular construction industry so that we can leverage the efficiencies of prefab while providing a high level of design. Our background in high-end residential architecture has taught us to respond to client's needs for beautiful and efficient home designs with features we know people want. HIVE architects are available to work with you to produce a uniquely personal design utilizing modular or other prefab systems.

Hive is dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service - from the initial evaluation of your project, through the design and construction processes - and we will be there to maintain quality control and ensure your project goes smoothly.
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